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Conflict Management


Most people will encounter conflicts in their daily lives. Corporate and personal relationships can be seriously impacted by conflicts. If people want a meaningful future relationship with others, then they need to understand how conflicts occur and how they can be resolved.


If you have insight into the background of the conflict and know how to act wisely, you can ensure that conflicts can be handed effectively.



During the training Conflict Management we focus on emotions, and on dealing with them. Your own attitude plays a major role in solving conflict management. By role plays we focus on the different ways of approaching and communicating with the various parties.


Target audience

This training is of value to anyone who wants to learn to deal (better) with conflicts.



There are no specific pre-requisites for attendees wishing to participate in the course.


Duration of the course and workload

The training lasts 2 days.
For this training workload is not applicable.


Learning Delivery Method: classroom

Our expert instructors and study materials provide results-oriented, classroom training. The course includes a mix of instructor-led training and hands-on exercises to help participants understand and apply the principles of Conflict Management.


Group size

The maximum group size is 10 people per training course.



At the end of the training, a certificate of participation will be sent to you via email.



Before the training, we always plan an (online) questionnaire to get your expectations of the training and the possible problems that you are facing. Obviously we have a standard program available for this two-day training, but we are happy to adapt the content to the individual needs of the students.



The study materials include handouts of the presentations and exercises. At the end of the training, these materials will be sent to you via email.


Vocational guidance

Our online support system MyMediasi offer the opportunity to interact with our practice-experienced professionals about the possibilities and problems that are experienced in applying the acquired knowledge and skills and in the successful execution of the planned improvement actions.

During and up to 3 months after the end of the course, students have access to MyMediasi.


Study guidance

During and up to 3 months after the end of the course, we offer support to the students in the study of the theory.
This takes place on an individual basis or in a group.



The price of this public training course is €780,00 per student. This includes a digital version of the study materials, location and arrangement costs and a digital certificate of participation. VAT excluded.

A Support Voucher is provided to each participant of a public training. This voucher allows access to MyMediasi.

For in-company training courses we calculate an amount per trainer per day, then the cost per student for study materials, support and possibly books. Please contact us for more information.