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Mediasi Academy offers certified Mediation and Negotiation training courses as well as Soft Skills courses. We not only teach theory in preparation for exams, but focus particularly on enabling our students to achieve success in their current or future jobs. We do this by employing trainers with a great deal of practical experience and by adding a personally oriented section to the course in addition to the general course.

Our training courses and workshops are nearly always geared towards preparing our students for exams, and accordingly, we use standard course materials, all of which are in complete compliance with the registers’ standards.

Our Support Vouchers offer the opportunity to interact with our practice-experienced professionals of Mediasi about the possibilities and problems that are experienced in applying the learned knowledge and skills and in the successful execution of the planned improvement actions.

There is no substitute for quality

Mediasi Academy is recognized as a training institute by ADR International Registry and MFN and is an APMG Accredited Training Organisation (ATO). Only accredited programs provide access to the exams of a register and APMG.

We are registered in the CRKBO, the Centraal Register Kort Beroeps Onderwijs whereby all exempt professional education offered by us is free of VAT. The term ‘training’ means the instruction relating directly to a trade or a profession. Also education to acquire or maintain knowledge is covered.